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Nestor Prado is a VFX Artist whose background in Computer Engineering gives him a true technical edge. Lighting and shading are his main passions. From recreating the lighting to integrate an object into a plate, or lighting an environment or a character to convey a specific mood. He strives to create photo-real imagery using his desire of self-improvement and the knowledge gained through professional experience in the VFX industry as well as his ongoing learning. Keeping up with the state-of-the-art approaches for lighting and shading he is able to learn them at a quick pace and integrate them as part of his everyday work. He thrives in a creative team-driven environment pushing his work to the highest standard.

Professional Experience

Double Negative

July 2013 - Present

London - UK

      SPECTRE (2015)
  • Look development with Isotropix's Clarisse of:
  • Westminster Bridge environment
  • Dauphin Helicopter ( destroyed variant )
  • Oberhauser CG scar.
    1. Look development with Isotropix’s Clarisse of:
    2. Ethan Hunt, and Benji Digi-Doubles and costumes (except underwater variant)
    3. Lock Pick infographics, A-400 Paradoor, and miscellaneous assets
    4. Lighting and Look development with Prman 19 of: Mask Machine sequence all elements.
        1. JUPITER ASCENDING (2015)
      1. Part of the 5 member team responsible of creating CG wings for final sequence on Jupiter Ascending. Responsible for lookdev of all assets in sequence: CG wings, 2 hero digi-doubles.
      2. Look development of various hard-surface assets as well as another 2 digi-doubles and props.
      3. Lighting rig creation for hero shots on wing sequence.
      4. Miscelaneous lighting shots in various sequences.
          1. EXODUS: GODS AND KINGS (2014)
        1. Part of lighting team to use Isotropix Clarisse and Double Negative implementation to complete crocodile sequence on Exodus: Gods and Kings.
            1. INSURGENT (2015)
          1. Look development with Isotropix Clarisse for Insurgent.
          2. Stereo Lead.

          Atomic Fiction

          January 2013 - July 2013

          Emeryville, CA - USA

          • Responsible for lighting CG elements for integration into live-action plates as well as set extensions for feature film projects.
          • Assisted compositors with matte generation, special passes and minor roto tasks.
          • Developed scripts to speed up workflows in lighting and shading.


          Master of Arts in Visual Effects


          September 2011 - November 2012

          Savannah, GA - USA

          • Focus on Photo-real Lighting, Shading and Technical Direction.
          • Mantained - 4.0 GPA average
          • Participated in various Student Films: Legacy, Nature of Life

          BSc. in Computer Engineering

          Universitat Pompeu Fabra - UPF

          2006 - November 2010

          Barcelona - SPAIN

          • Completed in 4 years.
          • Specialitzation in Computer Graphics.
          • Final undergrad Thesis. Awarded 10/10 Final Score.
            This tool created in C++ created a lighting rig file that could be read in most of the 3D software packages available today that recreated as best as possible the lighting taken by an HDR fisheye image or image sequence. Tracking lighting position and light color, size, angle and intensity.

          VFX for Production - Course

          Escape Studios - ESC

          Summer 2009

          London - UK

          • 12 week intensive course designed to lear the whole pipeline for creating a CG live-action integration shot: Tracking, Modeling, Texturing, Ldev, Lighting, Rendering and Compositing.

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